Getting Started

If  you’re like me  you’ve researched making money online.

I’ve seen a lot of sites that offer you an opportunity to make money online. There are literally hundreds maybe thousands of these site out on the web. They make offers of huge money to be made if you sign up for them. What I have found is they also charge a lot of money to join. These sites offer coaching and ton of stuff to get you started. Some will offer a limited time free membership and immediately try to up-sell you into becoming a paid member at a really high amount of amount of money.  Some of these sites charge hundreds even thousand of dollars for there systems.

I’m not badmouthing these sites or even being critical.  I know myself I can’t afford hundreds let alone thousands of dollars. So I continued my search.

What has kept me  (you) from the opportunity to make money online ?

For me there was three things

  • Cost of the program or system.

What if there was a system out there that truly is free to start. And if you do decide to become a paid member is actually honestly affordable.

  •   Lack of the plain simple knowledge on how to start.

The system that I’m using is amazing. I have learned a whole lot about doing business online. I gained the knowledge and continue to learn something new on a daily basis.

  • Fear of the unknown even fear of failure.

We all fear the unknown. Sometimes learning something new We fear failure. This one was a tough nut to crack. I know that I couldn’t let these things stop me from starting an online business and be successful.

I found the system that banished all my excuses !!!!!

The system I found is Wealthy Affiliate. One can start a membership for free and start to build an online business almost immediately after signing up.

The coaching and support you receive is truly amazing. As I stated earlier I had no experience what so ever making a website. Yet as you can see here it is. The most awesome thing about WA (Wealthy Affiliate) is I can actually ask the Co-Founder (Kyle) a question and he’ll respond back with an answer. Not to many if any other sites can make that claim.

The support of the community that your joining is amazing just ask a question and someone will have an answer for you in no time. Everyone I’ve talked to is dedicated to help you to achieve your dream.

Whether it is to make enough to pay some bills or as big a dream such as being able to quit your full time job and do this. I will tell you this it is not a get rich quick overnight business. I’m not saying it can’t because happen anything is possible. Your success depends on how hard you work and follow the lessons provided to you. Ask questions and offer others feedback and success will start to happen for you. That is one of the many things I respect very much about WA.

Let’s look at some pro’s and con’s